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Doug and Lemu Emu will be turning 2 in February 2023. They just started laying their eggs.  They are fed high quality grain, get lots of hay to root thru daily and spend their days running around their paddock being happy, healthy and very silly1


About EMU Eggs




It's coming to and end quickly. Get your eggs while you can.


Our Emu eggs  offers a fresh and high-quality Emu egg that is perfect for all your culinary needs. With its large size and unique flavor, it is ideal for cooking, baking, or even eating on its own. Emu eggs are known for being rich in protein and vitamins, making them a healthy addition to any diet.


Whether you are an experienced chef or just looking to try something new, this Emu egg is sure to impress. It is sourced from top-quality farms and is guaranteed to be fresh and delicious. So why not add a touch of exotic flavor to your next meal with this high-quality Emu egg?


Eggs are being layed daily.



An emu egg weighs a hefty 400 to 650 grams (14 to 23 ounces or just about 1 to 1.5 lbs) and has an average width and length of 87 mm and 130 mm (3.4 to 5.1 inches), respectively.

They have a uniquely dark green, emerald color due to the presence of the biliverdin pigment in the shell.

One emu egg is equivalent to about 8 to 12 chicken eggs (depending on individual egg sizes), so unless you’re really packing an appetite, chances are you won’t be able to eat one in a single sitting.

The emu egg is the second largest egg behind the ostrich egg.

If you’re cooking one at home, then “you’re gonna need 

a bigger frying pan!”

If you’re looking to hard boil one of these eggs, it could take well over an hour!


Nutritional Value


* ​Emu eggs are praised to be highly nutritious 

compared to other eggs. 

* They contain 68% unsaturated fats and 31% saturated fats and have all the necessary amino acids as do hen eggs but are richer in PUFA and MUFA compared to hen eggs.

(Polyunsaturated fatty acid/Monounsaturated fatty acid) 

* The emu egg yolk is also paler compared to a hen’s egg, and is usually big, taking up about 45% of the egg.

* Emu eggs also have 15.54% proteins, 35.84% fats, 1.78% minerals, 0.63% carbohydrate, and 51.14% dry matter. Compared to chicken eggs, emu eggs are undoubtedly healthier.

* Emu eggs are not only beautiful but also super-delicious and nutritious



They are lately in high demand, especially by bodybuilders and high-end restaurants, who make diverse dishes from emu eggs.

Just like rearing any poultry, eggs are a guaranteed benefit of raising emus. With emus, however, their eggs are not normal-sized eggs like a chicken’s. Emu eggs often measure about 6 inches in length and weigh about 1 pound or even more.

A normal chicken egg weighs around 2 ounces, meaning that a single emu egg is equal to 10-12 chicken eggs.

Besides the outstanding nutritional value, emu eggs are prized for their large size alongside their tough, durable shell in a delightful dark green, emerald color, making them best used in decoration applications.

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