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Welcome to Saratoga Farms

Tenant Guidelines


- All garbage should be put in dumpster, don't use garbage pails around the farm for personal garbage.

- Brake down all boxes before putting in dumpster.

- Don't leave any garbage around the dumpster. Driver does not get out of the truck, must be in dumpster.

- Garbage truck comes every Wednesday morning.

Livestock on the Farm

- Do not feed any of the animals on the farm. Some of the animals have special needs, diets and allergies to certain foods.


- Mailbox is at top of driveway, take what belongs to you and leave the rest in the mailbox,

- When packages are delivered, they are left either in front of the garage or on the houses front deck.

Driving on the farm

- always drive slow on the property - real slow. There are always animals and children running around.

- Don't drive thru riding arena.

- Keep the area where you live clean and free of any garbage or excess stuff.

- The pool on the farm is not available

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